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Information Technology (16) - Syllabus  

Zone wise Intake

V. V. Nagar11840

College wise Intake

College NameCitySeatsEstd YearFeesHostel
ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar V.V.Nagar60200080,000Boys, Girls
Ahmedabad Institute, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad60200852,000No
Alpha, Gandhinagar Kalol60200955,000No
Atmiya, Rajkot Rajkot60200067,000Boys, Girls
B.H.Gardi, Rajkot Rajkot60200864,000Boys, Girls
BVM SFI, Vallabh Vidhyanagar V.V.Nagar60200173,000Boys, Girls
C.U.Shah, Wadhwan Wadhwan60 59,000Boys, Girls
Charotar Institute, Chanaga Changa120 80,000Boys, Girls
Chhottubhai, Surat Surat60200964,000Boys, Girls
DDIT SFI, Nadiad Nadiad120199980,000Boys, Girls
G.K. Bharad, Rajkot Rajkot60200952,000Boys, Girls
GCET, Vallabh Vidhyanagar V.V.Nagar60199678,000Boys, Girls
GEC, Bhavnagar Bhavnagar6020091,500Boys, Girls
GEC, Gandhinagar Gandhinagar6019991,500Boys, Girls
GEC, Modasa Modasa12019991,500Boys
GIT, Gandhinagar Gandhinagar90200652,000No
Grow More, Himmatnagar Himmatnagar60200952,000Boys, Girls
Hasmukh Goswami, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad60200750,000Boys, Girls
ICCT for Women, Vallabh Vidhyanagar V.V.Nagar60201071,000Girls
K.J, Vadodara Vadodara60200950,000Boys, Girls
KIT, Kalol Kalol60200656,000Boys, Girls
L.D, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad12020001,500Boys
L.E, Morbi Morbi3019991,500Boys, Girls
Laxmi, Valsad Valsad60200555,000Boys, Girls
LDRP, Gandhinagar Gandhinagar60200875,000Boys, Girls
LJIT, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad60200759,000Boys, Girls
Marwadi, FOE, Rajkot Rajkot60200978,000Boys, Girls
Nirma, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad60199583,000Boys, Girls
Noble, Junagadh Junagadh60200852,000Boys, Girls
Parul Old, Waghodia Waghodia60200662,000Boys, Girls
R.K, Rajkot Rajkot60200664,000Boys, Girls
Rai University, Dholka Dholka60201360,000No
Sabar, Sabarkantha Sabarkantha90200951,000Girls
Sadvidhyamandal, Bharuch Bharuch45200156,000Boys, Girls
Saffrony, Mehsana Mehsana60200652,000Boys, Girls
SAL Engineering, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad60201255,000Boys, Girls
Sanjaybhai Rajguru, Rajkot Rajkot60200854,000Boys, Girls
Sankalchand, Visnagar Visnagar60199960,000Boys, Girls
Sarvjanik, Surat Surat60200171,000Boys, Girls
Shankarsingh Vaghela, Gandhinagar Gandhinagar60200956,000Boys, Girls
Shantilal Shah, Bhavnagar Bhavnagar12020001,500Boys
Sigma, Waghodia Waghodia60200849,000Boys, Girls
Silver Oak, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad60200957,000No
Subhash, Junagadh Junagadh60201052,000Boys, Girls
SVIT, Vasad Vasad120199858,000Boys, Girls
Takshashila, Rajkot Rajkot60200952,000No
Tatva, Modasa Modasa60201051,000Boys, Girls
Universal, Kalol Kalol60200846,000No
UVPEC, Mehsana Mehsana60199772,000Boys, Girls
V.V.P, Rajkot Rajkot60199670,000No
Vadodara Institute, Waghodia Waghodia60200952,000No
Veerayatan, Mandvi Mandvi60201051,000Boys, Girls
VGEC, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad6020081,500Boys, Girls