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Advanced Surveying

Civil - Effective Upto 2013


Code : 140601 Common Name : AS Year : 2 Sem : 4
Theory Hours : 3 Practical Hours : 2 Tutorial Hours : 0 Credits : 5
Exam Marks : 70 Midsem Marks : 30 Practical Marks : 50 Total : 150

Syllabus Topics

Tacheometric Surveying
Introduction, purpose, principle, instruments, stadia constants, methods of tacheometry, anallatic lens, subtense bar, field work in tacheometry, reduction of readings, errors and precisions.

Geodetic Surveying-
Principle and Classification of triangulation system- Selection of base line and stations- Orders of triangulation- Triangulation figures- Station marks and signals- marking signals- Extension of base, Reduction of Centre, Selection and marking of stations

Theory of Errors
Introduction, types of errors, definitions, laws of accidental errors, laws of weights, theory of least squares, rules for giving weights and distribution of errors to the field observations, determination of the most probable values of quantities.

Field Astronomy
Introduction, purposes, astronomical terms, determination of azimuth, latitude and longitude.

Aerial photogrammetry
Introduction, Principle, Uses, Aerial camera, Aerial photographs, Definitions, Scale of vertical and tilted photograph,, Ground Co-ordinates, Displacements and errors, Ground control, Procedure of aerial survey, Photomaps and mosaics, Stereoscopes, Parallax bar.

Modern Surveying Instruments
Introduction, Electromagnetic spectrum, Electromagnetic distance measurement, Total station.

Remote Sensing-
Introduction, Principles of energy interaction in atmosphere and earth surface features, Image interpretation techniques, visual interpretation, Digital image processing, Global Positioning system

Geographical Information System-
Definition of GIS, Key Components of GIS, Functions of GIS, Spatial data, Geospatial analysis, Integration of Remote sensing and GIS and Applications in Civil Engineering.

Term Work
Term work shall be based on the above mentioned course content.

Project Work
Tachometry survey project on hilly area.


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Surveying and Levelling

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Surveying and Levelling

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Surveying and Levelling

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Advanced Surveying

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Surveying and Leveling

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Remote Sensing and GIS

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Remote sensing and Image interpretation

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