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Object Oriented Concepts And Programming(Institute Elective -1)

Computer - Effective Upto 2013


Code : 140704 Common Name : OOCP Year : 2 Sem : 4
Theory Hours : 4 Practical Hours : 2 Tutorial Hours : 0 Credits : 6
Exam Marks : 70 Midsem Marks : 30 Practical Marks : 50 Total : 150

Syllabus Topics

Introduction to Object Oriented modeling and Design
What is object oriented (OO), Object modeling Concepts, OO methodology, OO themes

Introduction to OO modeling techniques
Modeling, modeling techniques, object model, Dynamic Model and Functional Model, relationship among models

Object Modeling
Object and Classes: Object modeling concepts in details: links, association, generalization, inheritance, meta data, etc. A sample Object Model

Dynamic Modeling
Dynamic modeling concepts. A sample dynamic model, Relation of object and dynamic model with example

Functional Modeling
Functional Modeling Concepts, A sample functional model

System analysis using different OO modeling Techniques
OMT and software engineering. Analysis of a problem (ATM as an example), various modeling of ATM, Adding operations & analysis iteration

OOD : present & future
Other OO analysis & modeling flavors, OOD future

Overview of Concepts of C++
Review of fundamental concepts of Object-oriented programming, Introduction to C++, operators and keywords, class and objects

Functions in C++
Call by reference, inline functions, default arguments, function overloading

Constructors & Destructors
Memory allocation for objects, Friend function, Constructors, Parameterized constructors, Overloading of constructors, Copy constructors, Destructors

Operator Overloading & Type Conversions
Need of Operator overloading, Overload Unary operators: prefix and postfix, Overload Binary operators, Overloading using Friend functions, Type conversion from basic to user-defined data type and user-defined to basic data type

Derive a class, role of public, private and protected in inheritance, Types of Inheritance: Single, Multiple, Multi-level, Hierarchical, Hybrid, Virtual Base class, Introduction to Containership

Virtual Functions & Polymorphism
Pointer to objects, this pointer, Need of virtual function, Virtual functions in Inheritance, Pure virtual functions, Abstract class


Object Oriented Design

Rumbaugh - (Pearson publication)

Object-oriented programming in Turbo C++

Robert Lafore, - Galgotia Publication.

Object-oriented programming with C++

E.Balagurusamy, - TMH. - 2 nd Edition,

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