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Geotechnical Engineering - I

Civil Engineering - Effective Upto 2013


Code : 150604 Common Name : GEO-1 Year : 3 Sem : 5
Theory Hours : 3 Practical Hours : 2 Tutorial Hours : 0 Credits : 5
Exam Marks : 70 Midsem Marks : 30 Practical Marks : 50 Total : 150

Syllabus Topics

Definition, Theory of compaction, Factors affecting compaction, Laboratorycompaction tests, Effect of compaction on soil properties, Placement water content, Placement layer thickness, Field control of compaction, Proctor''s needle, Methods of compaction used in field.

Consolidation of Soils
Compressibility of soils, Definitions and mechanism of consolidation, Spring analogy, Void ratio and effective stress relation, Related indices, Assumptions of Terzaghi’s one dimensional consolidation theory, Time factor, One dimensional consolidation tests, Laboratory and theoretical time curves, Determination of pre-consolidation pressure, Estimation of consolidation settlement and rate of settlement for uniform pressure increment in a clay layer.

Shear Strength of Soil
Mohr''s strength theory, Mohr- coulomb''s strength theory, Modified Mohrcoulomb''s theory, Direct shear test, Unconfined compression test, lab. Vane shear test, Introduction to triaxial compression test, Shear tests based on drainage conditions.

Definition, Brief history, Scope and limitations of Geotechnics.

Origin and Nature of Soil
Geological cycle, Physical and chemical agencies for soil, Formation - residual, transported, cumulose, alluvial, marine and lacustrine, loess and colluvial soils. General characteristics of different types of soils. Overview of different types of soils in Gujarat / India.

Index Properties, Relationships and Tests
Phase diagram, Basic terms and definitions, Functional relationships, Determination of index properties, Relative density for granular soil.

Particle Size Analysis
Size and nomenclature of soil particles as per BIS, Sieve analysis, Sedimentation analysis, Particle size distribution curve and its uses.

Soil Structure
Shape of the particles, Texture and structure of the soil. Types of the structure, properties, Conditions for the formation of different structures.

Soil Consistency
Consistency limits and its determination, Different indices, Field moisture equivalent, Activity, Sensitivity & Thixotropy of soil.

Soil Classification
Objectives, Basis, Textural, Unified soil classification, IS classification method, group index. Field identification and General characteristics of the soil.

Soil Water
Free water and held water, Structural water and absorbed water, Capillary water, Total stress, Neutral stress and Effective stress.

Permeability and Seepage
Darcy''s law and its validity, Factors affecting permeability, Laboratory permeability tests, Introduction to field permeability test, Permeability of stratified soil masses, Laplace equation (2-D), Seepage pressure, Quick condition, Flow net, its characteristics and application.


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