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Power System Analysis and Simulation

Electrical Engineering - Effective Upto 2013


Code : 150902 Common Name : PSA Year : 3 Sem : 5
Theory Hours : 3 Practical Hours : 2 Tutorial Hours : 0 Credits : 5
Exam Marks : 70 Midsem Marks : 30 Practical Marks : 50 Total : 150

Syllabus Topics

Current and Voltage Relations on a Transmission Line
Representation of line, The short transmission line, The medium-length line, The long transmission line: Solution of the differential equations, The long transmission line: Interpretation of the equations, The long transmission line: yperbolic form of the differential equations, The equivalent circuit of a long line, Power flow through a transmission line, Reactive compensation of transmission lines.

System Modeling
Construction of the synchronous machine, Armature reaction in a synchronous machine, The circuit model of a synchronous machine, The effect of synchronous-machine excitation, The ideal transformer, The equivalent circuit of a practical transformer, The Autotransformer, Per-Unit Impedances in single-phase Transformer ci cuits, Three-phase transformers, Per-Unit Impedances of Three-winding Transformers, The one-line diagram, Impedance and Reactance Diagrams, The advantages of Per-unit Computations.

Symmetrical Three-Phase Faults
Transients in RL Series circuits, Short-Circuit currents and the reactances of Synchronous machines, Internal voltages of loaded machines under transient conditions, The bus impedance matrix in fault calculations, A bus impedance matrix quivalent network, The selection of circuit breakers.

Symmetrical Components
Synthesis of Unsymmetrical phasors from their symmetrical components, Operators, The symmetrical components of unsymmetrical phasors, Phase shift of symmetrical components in Star-Delta Transformer Banks, Power in terms of symmetrical components, Unsymmetrical Series impedances, Sequence Impedances and sequence networks, Sequence networks of Unloaded Generators, Sequence impedances of circuit elements, Positive and negative sequence networks, Zero sequence networks.

Unsymmetrical Faults
Single line to ground fault on an unloaded generator, Line to Line fault on an unloaded generator, Double Line to Ground fault on an unloaded generator, Unsymmetrical faults on power systems, Single line to Ground fault on a power system, Line to Line fault on a power system, Double Line to Ground fault on a power system, Interpretation of the nterconnected sequence networks, Analysis of unsymmetrical faults using the bus impedance matrix, Faults through impedance, Computer calculations of fault currents.

Critical Disruptive Voltage, Corona Loss, Line Design based on Corona, Disadvantages of Corona, Radio Interference, Inductive interference between Power and Communication lines.

Neutral Grounding
Effectively Grounded System, Ungrounded system, Resonant Grounding, Methods of Neutral Grounding, Generator Neutral Breaker, Grounding Practices.

Transients in Power Systems
Transients in Simple Circuits, 3-phase Sudden Short Circuit of an Alternator, The Restriking Voltage after Removal of Short Circuit, Travelling Waves on Transmission Lines, Attenuation of Travelling Waves, Capacitance Switching, vervoltage due to Arcing Ground.


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