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Sensors and Signal Conditioning

Instrumentation and Control - Effective Upto 2013


Code : 151702 Common Name : SSC Year : 3 Sem : 5
Theory Hours : 3 Practical Hours : 2 Tutorial Hours : 0 Credits : 5
Exam Marks : 70 Midsem Marks : 30 Practical Marks : 50 Total : 150

Syllabus Topics

Part A

1. Measurement, Instrumentation and Calibration:

Measurement system components; instrumentation introduction; transducer classification; performance characteristics of instruments – static and dynamic; Dynamic performance of system (zero order, first order, second order, and higher order); errors in measurement; calibration and standards
2. Signals and Their Representation:

Classification of signals; Role of Laplace and Fourier Transform in signal representation and analysis; standard test signals; Periodic signals and Aperiodic signals; Bandwidth; Modulated signals; Sampled data; pulse modulation; pulse code modulation;
3. Electrical Measuring Systems:

Measurement of current; measurement of voltage; Measurement of resistance; Measurement of impedance; Basics of Electronic amplifiers (difference, electrometer, feedback, operational, instrumentation, isolation, charge, power); Measurement of phase angle; Frequency measurement; Time interval measurement;
4. Passive Electrical Transducers:

Resistive Transducer: Resistive Thermometer; Hot – wire resistance transducers; resistive displacement transducers; resistive strain transducers; resistive pressure transducers; resistive moisture transducers; resistive magnetic flux transducers; resistive optical transducers
Inductive Transducers:

Inductive thickness transducers; Inductive displacement transducers; Movable core type inductive transducers; eddy current type inductive transducers;
Capacitive Transducers:

Capacitive thickness transducers; Capacitive displacement transducers; capacitive moisture transducers
5. Active Electrical Transducers:

Piezoelectric Transducers: Piezoelectric phenomenon; piezoelectric materials; piezoelectric force transducers; piezoelectric strain transducers; piezoelectric torque transducers; piezoelectric pressure transducers; piezoelectric acceleration transducers
Magnestrictive Transducers:

Magnetostrictive phenomenon; magnetostrictive force transducers; magnetostrictive acceleration transducers; magnetostrictive torsion transducers
Hall effect Trasnducer:

Hall effect phenomenon; application of hall effect in transducers
Electromechanical Transducers:

Tachometer; Variable – Reluctance tachometers; Electro-dynamic vibration transducers;
Photoelectric Transducers:


Part B

Signal Processing Circuits:

DC Power supplies:

Voltage power supply system components; three terminal voltage regulator; variable three terminal voltage regulators; Constant current sources; Oscillators and Signal Generators: Wien – Bridge Oscillator; Crystal Oscillator; LC – tuned circuit oscillator; square wave generator; pulse generator; function generator
High frequency amplifier:

tuned RF amplifier; wideband amplifier; high frequency opamps

Window comparator; Schmitt trigger
Active Filters:

First order active filters; second order active filters; higher order active filters Analog Modulators and demodulators (basic): amplitude modulators and demodulators; frequency modulators and demodulators;
Sampling circuit:

sampling system components; sampling circuit; sampling circuit performance parameters
Voltage to frequency converter:

Basic concept; Circuit diagram with op-amp Analog Multiplexer and De-multiplexer: basic concept;
2. Data Display and Recording Systems:

Data loggers; Analog indicators; Digital readout systems – alphanumeric devices and CRT readout; Analog recorders; Magnetic tape recorders; Digital input – output devices


Transducers and Instrumentation

D. V. S. Murthy; - Prentice Hall India

Electrical and Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation

A. K. Sawhney; - Dhanpat Rai Pub.

Opamps and Linear Integrated Circuits

Ramakant Gaykwad; - Pearson Education

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